Saturday, October 5, 2019

as if in a dream

As if in a dream, Nityananda said to Beer Gut Throwback, “Remember me each day until the last moon of summer and see what happens.” Beer Gut Throwback set his heart in these seven directions. Most days, he remembered well. And there were days when he looked directly at the picture of Nityananda, or loudly chanted his name, but didn't remember him in the least. And at times the passing hours would see that he had never opened any eye to Nityananda, but had found the intricate silken patterns of a flower petal lightly with his fingertip or felt in his skin the flight of the broadwinged raven among the branches. And through the passage of 309 days, a rusty inner world gave way to a warm breezed, morning autumn glen and in his outer world a thousand wild horses gathered to gaze kindly upon Sweet Sister breathing softly in the sandbox.