Saturday, July 6, 2019

on feeling close to the earth

Lately I've been thinking a lot about humility, praying to understand and live this state of heartmind more fully.  I wonder if this emerging inclination stems from feelings of contraction that I am becoming increasingly aware of within.  Anyway, in what seemed at the time as related to my prayers, I happened to do some forgiveness meditation. A suffusing warmth, like laying on my back in an open field, close to the earth and blanketed by a softly lighted sun, whelmed over me and I knew in a way uninvolved with any logical or cerebrial context that this was for me a very open doorway to humility.

Here is a version of forgiveness meditation as taught by Dr. Rina Sircar (who said countless times that this meditation unblocked and untied the knots of the heart.)

     May I be forgiven for all my imperfections and all my wrong doings of thought, speech,
     and action.  Whatever I have done intentionally or unintentionally to hurt or offend another,
     may I be forgiven for that.

     I freely forgive all those who knowingly or unknowingly have caused so much pain, isolation
     or separation.

     May all beings be forgiven for all of their imperfections and wrongdoings.  Whatever any
     being has done, willingly or unwillingly, to hurt or offend another, may they be forgiven for