Saturday, June 22, 2019


Breathe mindfully for a minute or two. 

Now contemplate how so many people in your life, family or friends or whoever who influenced who you are.  who helped you and, yes, hurt you.

And contemplate all the experiences that formed you through joy and love and also perhaps heartache or physical pain

And all the institutions that shaped how you think about the world whether they be school or political party or religion or absence of religion or club or association or whatever.

And consider how these people and experiences and institutions made you wondrously and uniquely who you are, with many gifts and probably a handful of foibles, and how who you have become all kind of makes sense because of these people, experiences, and institutes. 

And now contemplate how the person sitting next to you and across from you and those sitting all around you each have their own collection of life long influences, some probably similar to you, some probably quite different, and no doubt to varying measure filled with joy and love and heartache and pain that influence how they see the world that is also unique to them and makes sense regarding who they have become.

And  consider that given each person’s uniqueness we all share greatly in terms of commonalities of having been influenced and shaped and having experienced joy and love and heartache and pain.