Thursday, May 23, 2019

sort of seemingly everything all at once

often when in the trees
the quiet
the amiable cast of the air
the not too dark but also not too light (striving but not straining)
i feel spirit moving

blessed irony 
the silence is also like a freight train 
and i don’t know where it’s going 
nor who’s driving
and how much faster can this thing go
and can it get anymore scarybeautiful 

i just know it’s barrelling along
and I am holding on
sometimes unsure if I want on or off
and remembering/re-realizing that you sustain me in this and all present moments
why did you bestow upon me so much trust through some many acts of ...
how can I put words upon what you have gi...
knowing that there is even more of what you are making mine
that is beyond my present capability to see at this time 
and beyond any value system anyway. 

by whatever Name you go by...
oh, Nityananda