Tuesday, December 25, 2018

happy everything

It's winter where I live and during this time the sun seems shy and huddles to the south, so bringing some light becomes very important. This is perhaps why so many holidays from this time of year involve invocations of the sun or beckoning for the return of light and of warmth. There is Divali (or Diwali) - the Festival of Lights - and Hanukkah with it's compelling story of the Menorah; Solstice, with it's honouring of the sun and Yule with its burning log; the lights and the dawning of the Son during Christmas and the seven candles or Mishumaa Saba of Kwanzaa, and the various New Years with all their fireworks.

Regardless of traditional leanings or perhaps preferences not to lean, let's fan the embers of our own inner warmth and radiance. And let's all find ways to recognize, appreciate, and stoke the spark of deep value - the unique, true and beautiful flame - that lies within and is intrinsic to each and every one of us. 

As a friend would say during this time of year, “HAPPY EVERYTHING!!!”