Wednesday, October 31, 2018

mindfulness as attending

More and more, I look at mindfulness meditation as a process of attending.  The word just seems to fit nicely with how I am learning to engage in meditation.  Attending to the breath.  Attending to thought.  Attending to emotion.  Attending to sensation.

So I thought I would look up synonyms for the word 'attend' on  (I love words and thesauruseseses.) Here are some words that from my perspective fit in very nicely with meditation.  I've tried to organize them in a way that groups similar senses of meaning and which implies a process.  At the same time I want to convey that the various aspects of the process are also interrelated, very wholistic, and in a sense spatial in addition to being linear. It's like a wavicle.

Anway, here goes.  It's kind of lengthy, but then mindfulness is a practice that touches and stimulates across many inner and outer terrains.  So please bear with me.  I hope this might be helpful to someone...


gather (the mind)   be present   centre   focus   concentrate   establish   abide   note   notice   watch   look   listen   see   hear   witness   behold   regard   follow

arise   settle

become aware


accompany   tend   shepherd



come to light   emerge   recognize   greet   be kind to   bow   respect   esteem   honour

embrace   care

nourish   nurture   nurse   foster   minister

consider   study   reflect   contemplate   heed   develop

ease   alleviate   free   help   relieve   salve   soothe    remedy   restore   renew   revivify



heal   make healthy   make whole

revere   venerate