Saturday, September 29, 2018


I have a friend, mi hermano, Mateo Zepeda, who when I share with him experiences I have when walking along a river or when encountering a deer or things like that reminds me that there is a medicine in these experience.  He talks of 'river medicine' and 'deer medicine' and of his happiness for my encounters with these subtle forms of existence.  I am so grateful to him, because he contextualizes exactly what these experiences offer to me and how they feel to me, when I choose to pay attention.  They offer an experience of being healed in what ails me (often in ways that defy quantification, description, specific identification) and I suspect a great many of us in a deep and personally meaningful and satisfying way.  The bottom line is that these experiences simply feel very, very good.  (Alas, I'm attempting to quantify, describe, identify.  Oh well.  :-)

Mother Nature!  Where would we be without you?