Sunday, April 2, 2017

on worthiness or not

It's interesting how much we deny our organic inheritance, thinking we are not worthy.  As a dear friend would say, "You (me, all of us) are the best. You're just not better than anybody else." It's all so close, this worthiness. Right in front of our eyes and hovering just within the confines of our hearts, but we are blind to it, even refuse to see it. Kicked out of the Garden of Eden by our knowledge of good and evil, we stumble back home, losing and regaining our way, each of us along our own all to often convoluted paths (but not really convoluted, not really, they all get us there and we pick up important token and totems along the way) . That there is something within us that keeps searching is amazing and beautiful in and of itself, a self fulfilling prophecy that is quietly and lovingly relentless, though it's terms of realization can indeed bring out a lot of sweat before the sweetness.