Wednesday, July 15, 2015

is there a part of us?

Is there a part of us that "is" in a way beyond what the world sends our way, and that part of us is forever pristine?  I wish I could say, but, though I like to think I may have been in touch something like this once or twice, it is a very fleeting moment. We are inclined to identify with the parts of us that have been wounded because these stories of suffering and pain touch, and legitimately so, our need for safety and self preservation - experiences in the past that act as echoes into our present life. These stories are compelling and have a force or life of their own that is difficult to resist, but at the expense of our own capacities for happiness and fullness of life. It can be very difficult to see "through" these experiences and perceive that which is a truer being, like trying to see the sun through very thick branches and leaves. It is something more in the realm of the heart, a seeing from deeply within to see what is deeply within. It isn't easy, unfortunately, but it is within our grasp because it is within each one of us.