Saturday, May 3, 2014

on return to innocence, desire, suffering, and love

I've been writing about innocence for a while now.  In the first blog on innocence I asked, "How do we maintain contact with that innocence and sweetness while still minimizing our desire and our subsequent suffering?"  I'm wondering if it might not be more direct to ask, "How can we find or reclaim our innocence?"  I suspect there are many valid answers to this question.  From what I've seen one of those answers is through meditation.

The form of meditation I'm most familiar with is mindfulness meditation.  And when I look at the people who have practiced this, and other forms of meditation, is that the more they've meditated, the more innocent they have become.  They have return or are returning to that place of openness, of strength in vulnerability, of authenticity, of seeing things with ever fresh eyes.  (With Angeles Arrien so much on my mind of late, I'd like to mention that she said that the definition of respect, as in re-spect, is 'the willingness to look again'.)  Say a bell is being rung repeated for several minutes.  It's been written that for a person steeped in mindfulness, it is experienced as ringing for the first time.  Heart and eyes and ears and skin and mind and being completely open.  Open to each experience as being for the first time, a way of seeing that is bathed in truth, because, as in the example of the bell, each time the bell is rung, different conditioning factors are at play: the angle of the sticking stick, the velocity a which it strikes, the duration of its contact with the bell, etc.  Life and the perceiver of life ever fresh and alive.  Looking again within a new moment.  Sweet.  Free of desire and subsequent suffering. Innocent.

The only way to truly know if what has been written here is true it to try for yourself.  It's not like you have to find something, it's like you are engaging in the opportunity to reveal or reclaim something within, unearth it, it's already there, just beyond a a slightly open door, waiting.

Here is where a deep and fulfilling form of love awaits.